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ESAB A2 Multitrac

ESAB A2 Multitrac

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A2 Multitrac A2TF (SAW)
The universal welding automat for Submerged-Arc Welding

A2 Multitrac is designed to put your Submerged-Arc Welding operation on the right track to increase both the productivity and the quality.

The compact and efficient design makes it easy to move and to set up the A2 Multitrac between different welding workpieces. The mechanical compo- nents are very reliable, even under hard working conditions. Feedback systems on the wire feed and travel unit secures a very good welding result. The A2 Multitrac is designed to be used with LAF or TAF welding power sources.

The simple design makes it possible to adjust the nozzle into numerous positions, to best suit the application. The heavy dimensioned feed unit with an encoder feedback secures an even and stable wire feed, and pre-requisite for top quality and homogenous welding. Another feature which ensures constant welding speed is the four-wheel drive carriage which also has an encoder for feedback.

Pre-setting and control of the welding parameters is done on the operator panel on the A2-A6 Process Controller (PEK). The A2-A6 Process Controller is a digital control system, which is easy to handle by the menus on the display.

The A2 Multitrac for Submerged-Arc Welding can be delivered in two versions, for single or twin wire. When using twin wire the deposit rate is increased by 30-40%. Joint gaps can easily be bridged and there is less risk for burn through. When cladding, the A2 Multitrac with twin wires can easily be set up for a low penetration.